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Clear Coat Varnish Spray Can - Sealing & Protecting Your Artwork

Clear Coat Varnish Spray Can - Sealing & Protecting Your Artwork

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Acrylic Varnish Spray will protect your artwork from any wear and tear and make it permanent on non porous surfaces such as fibreglass surfboards.
  • Works on multiples surfaces to protect Surfpaints paint & make your art permanent 
  • Fast drying (less than 5 mins)
  • Use on surfboards, skateboards, ceramic pots, wooden doors & gates, canvas paper, automotive, plastic toys etc. 
  • Please note - This item may not be delivered if you live in a rural or hard to reach destination in Australia due to being a "Dangerous Good" item and limitations. 

Please read instructions on the back of spray can. Always supervise around children under the age of 18yrs. Use outdoors in a well ventilated area. A face mask is always recommend when applying the varnish spray.  

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Customer Reviews

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Casey-Amba Tui TUI
Absolutely awesome!

Hey team,
Where do I start… **** okay - well let’s begin with I’ve always loved doing art, painting and drawing, scribbling and sketching on almost every thing etc.

I had scrolled past a few SurfPaints ads, quite a few times and ended up giving in to the advertisement and had a look, to see what they were all about and what they do.

The ad got me feeling arty again!

Seeing the great and bright colours the markers came out in, also what you can do with them, the reversible and replaceable nibs - fabulous! All of the colours are very vibrant, coming in four different colour/shade types being -
- Primary, Metallic, Pastel and Fluro, also Black and White.
They are not just for surfboards either. They can be used on almost anything - rocks, canvases, plastic, wood, apparel, shoes, cars and much more.
Four easy steps to get started too.
So once I’d ordered my first pack, being the Starter Kit - with my bag of equipment, I went ahead and grabbed one of hubby’s surfboards (one that he wasn’t riding) and began the process, scraping wax, sanding etc. I was a little nervous about what ever I did, it’d been quite awhile since my last artwork so I had my teen daughter help me out with some of the sketch. As easy as the markers works, I took my time, changing my mind and changing the artwork a few times, while having hubby asking for his surfboard back hahaa. On and off for around three weeks until I had sealed my creation with a clear spray of sealant stuff.
I’m very proud of my first SurfPaints creation on hubby’s surfboard. The hubby was unsure about his board being sanded etc and drawn on, but once I surprised him with my creativity, he loved it - no sorry - He absolutely LOVES it!
I hope you guys do too. #hegetslotsofcomments #nextartworkonitsway #iloveSurfPaints