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So easy, everyone can learn

I bought these to see how they compare to the Posca brand we buy for school (I’m an Art Teacher) and they’re amazing! Great colours and quality my kids love them. I’m keen to explore other colours as I’m sure they’ll be just as good 😊 we use these type of pens a lot so always looking at other brands that could be more affordable. Metallic colours are such a great addition to add more interesting elements in their “Pop graffiti” artworks! Thanks for the free one to try!

Lisa - Art Teacher

I recently tried these pens to see the difference between my usual brand…..I’m so glad I did! They flowed really well, the opaque colour meant I only needed one coat and the metallic range are next level special! I love the range and want to try the fluro ones next!

Kerry - Artist

These markers are an excellent addition to my canvas painting! 🎨🌊 The vibrant colours and smooth flow allow me to create intricate details and expressive strokes. The markers’ quality and durability make them a joy to use, ensuring my artwork stands the test of time. Whether adding subtle accents or bold highlights, the SurfPaint markers deliver exceptional results!

Veronica - Artist


Will Surfpaints work on... other than surfboards?

SurfPaints work on just about anything you can name: skateboards, fins, helmets, shoes, doors, boats, kayaks, canvas, rocks, cars, glass windows, leather footballs... and more than 12 different surfaces.

While SurfPaints were engineered for surfboards, the premium water-based acrylic paint nature makes it suitable for multiple surfaces.

To learn how to paint your surface, visit our Painting Guide page for more information.

Are Surfpaints safe?

Surfpaints are 100% safe! These paints are designed to be safe and user-friendly, especially for children. They're water-based acrylic paint pens, so you won't need any personal protective equipment (PPE) when using them.

However, we always recommend following the instructions carefully and having an adult supervise any creative endeavors, just to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What is the difference compared to other brands?

SurfPaints unique features include a 4mm & 1mm reversible nib for versatile art strokes, and a specially formulated acrylic blend from Japan designed for vibrant, long-lasting, and smooth application on any surface. With a strong surf culture, we’ve expanded our reach, embracing the broader art community with products that promise reliability, versatility, and excellence in every stroke.

Where do you ship?

SurfPaints operates from its warehouse in Sydney, NSW, and ships orders within Australia via Australia Post and internationally through DHL eCommerce. Orders are dispatched daily at 2pm, and a tracking number is provided upon fulfillment.

For complete details, please refer to our Shipping and Returns Terms and Conditions.

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