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Starter Kit - Choose 1 Colour

Starter Kit - Choose 1 Colour

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Surfpaints Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Paint your Favourite Craft

Unlock your artistic potential with the Surfpaints Starter Kit. Whether you're an experienced artist or just beginning your creative journey, this comprehensive kit has you covered. Get ready to unleash your creativity on any surface!

What's Included:
✔ Acrylic Paint Pens: Choice of 1 packet of high-quality acrylic paint pens with vibrant colors and excellent coverage (Primary, Pastel, Metallic, Fluro, Black&White)
✔ Sandpaper Block: Prepare your canvas with the included sandpaper block for optimal adhesion and a smooth finish.
✔ Foam Brush: Use the foam brush to evenly spread paint or add unique effects to your designs.
✔ Pencil and Eraser: Plan your masterpiece with the included pencil and eraser, allowing you to sketch and make adjustments effortlessly.
✔ Paint Scraper: Easily remove wax from a surfboard or clean any dirty surface before painting.
✔ Bundle of Steel Wool: Ideal for surface cleaning and ensuring a pristine canvas for your artwork.
✔ Scourer Pad: A gentle cleaning tool perfect for delicate surfaces, ensuring a clean slate for your creativity.
✔ Masking Tape: Create intricate designs or section off areas with the versatile masking tape included in the kit.
✔ 28 Design Idea Booklet: Find inspiration in our curated collection of design ideas, kickstarting your creative journey.
✔ Vinyl Sticker: Personalize your board, fridge, car, or any desired surface with our exclusive vinyl sticker.
✔ Durable Waterproof Carry Case: Our kit comes in a durable, waterproof carry case with a convenient handle, making it easy to take your creativity anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Surfpaints?
Our kits offer unrivaled value, quality, and creativity. With Surfpaints, you're not just buying paint – you're investing in a boundless world of artistic expression. Unleash your creativity today and let your imagination ride the waves of possibility.

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Customer Reviews

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Casey-Amba Tui

They’re great! I’m waiting for my next order, the Fluro pack! Great coverage. Beautiful colours. They’ve got my brain overthinking what I’ll be scribbling on next. Haha.
Cheers Danny and the team.