We got invited to hang with the girls

We got invited to hang with the girls

Here is another story from Mathew, The ’Workshop and events coordinator’ for SurfPaints.

We were super stoked to run a SurfPaints ‘Paint a recycled surfboard’ activation at the Shelly Beach 'Her Wave' event on the weekend. The ‘Her Wave’ event is a shift towards female empowerment and confidence in the water, which we are passionate about at SurfPaints.


Before we kicked off, we ensured all participants on the day sign in on a customised ‘Her wave’ board that we cleaned up, spray painted white and stencilled the logo onto.


We had so much fun helping the young Groms get creative and go wild on the recycled surfboards. We swear, at one stage, roughly 30 kids were having a blast on the same surfboard at once. There was paint flying everywhere, and smiles from ear to ear.

A SurfPaints professional was on hand to help roughly ten 'Her Wave’ participants prepare and seal their own artworks on their personal boards between heats. It’s fantastic to see the handful of ladies permanently painted their team names on the bottom of their boards. This shows that this weekend will stick with them for a long time.

We are that excited for the next leg of the event, which will be located at Jones beach Kiama and you can guarantee Surfpaints will be there to join in on the fun

If you want to know more about our upcoming events or know of an event that SurfPaints should be involved in, email us at mathew@surfpaints.com.

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