SurfPaints in France! Check out our regular customer's journey. 😍

SurfPaints in France! Check out our regular customer's journey. 😍

We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.

Hi Lotaut, Welcome to the SurfPaints Interview Series!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as an artist. How did you discover your passion for art, and how has it evolved over time?
Hi, thanks for interviewing me. Well, I'm not a professional artist, but my artistic journey began in 2017 when I started drawing on my old surfboard. I've always been a DC comic lover, so I started drawing characters like Batman and Joker. I found myself enjoy drawing every day and experimenting with different surfaces like boards, canvases, helmets, and even skateboards.

2. As a SurfPaints user, what inspired you to choose our product for your art projects? How has SurfPaints contributed to your artistic process, and what sets it apart from other art supplies you've used?
I discovered SurfPaints on Instagram and was immediately drawn to their vibrant colors and versatility. After talking with Danny, I decided to give them a try and ordered a pack of eight primary colors. The moment I had those paints in my hands, I knew they were something special.

3. We'd love to hear about some of your favorite art projects where SurfPaints played a significant role. Could you describe one such project and how our product brought your vision to life?
One of my favorite art projects involving SurfPaints was when I painted a tiki design. Using the eight primary colors, I was able to achieve a rich and intricate color palette that truly captured the essence of the tiki theme. The paints' smooth application and excellent color mixing capabilities allowed me to create stunning gradients and textures that brought the tiki to life.

Bonus Question: We love to empower our customers with tips and tricks to enhance their artistry. Are there any specific techniques or creative approaches you've discovered while using SurfPaints that you'd like to share with fellow artists?
Certainly! One technique I've found effective is using a brush to spread and mix the SurfPaints colors. This approach not only enhances the color transitions but also adds depth and dimension to the artwork. SurfPaints' adaptability makes it possible to explore various creative avenues and expand your artistic horizons.

This photo was taken during the art workshop conducted by Lotauat in Martinique, France.

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