smoothstart skateboard painted with surfpaints

How to paint a Skateboard with Surfpaints

What you need:

  •  Allen Keys AKA Hex Keys and pliers Medium grit sandpaper
  •  Water Based Spray Paint
  • Notepad or Digital Pad
  •  Pencil
  • SurfPaints
  • Clear Spray Varnish for acrylic paint

Here are some easy steps to create your very own masterpiece:

SK8 Simple Steps

1. Remove the trucks

This will definitely make it easier for you to use the whole surface of your skateboard without having to work around the wheels.
I strongly suggest that you take a few pictures of your board BEFORE taking it apart. This will make it easier to put together after you are done.


2. Sand it

Use medium sandpaper to prepare the surface for painting. Medium grit sandpaper works great because you want to avoid scratching, it’s all about making it smooth and grippy.

3. Background coat with spray paint

This is optional, but it will definitely help SurfPaints to stick better into the surface of your board. It also creates a plain background to work with. Make sure you got water based spray paint. Let it dry completely before you move into the next step.


4. Design and Trace

Let your creativity flow! People often ask me where do I get my inspiration from, honestly? From everywhere! That is the most exciting part about painting, you can do anything!
Artist Tip:
Check some other artists online, gather some images that excite you. Also, you could put together a mood board on Pinterest.

I like doing a quick sketch on a pad to visualise the idea, it is also super helpful to have your favourite SurfPaints ready: choose your colour palette.
Then you are ready to trace your design into your board, use a standard pencil or if available you can use a watercolour pencil.

5. Start Painting!

My advice is to start working with big blocks of colour. Don’t worry too much about the “marker texture” that you might get at this stage. Just keep adding colour into the background, fill the gaps.


6. Details and Texture

This is by far my favourite part! Once you have all the background colours you can add texture, shadows, lights, details, etc. As you may see I love adding texture with dots and mixing different colours to create volume and depth.


7. Seal it

Use clear Spray Varnish for acrylic paint, this can be matt or gloss, your choice. I would recommend two coats, let the first one dry completely before adding a second one.


8. Put the trucks back in

Once your board is fully dry you are ready to put everything back and enjoy your personalised skateboard.


Now you are ready to take your masterpiece out and show it to the world. Might be time to wonder what else can you paint?

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