Do you need to varnish after using Surfpaints?

Do you need to varnish after using Surfpaints?

Easy Steps How To Seal Your Artwork To Perfection

You've worked your artistic magic with Surfpaints, and now it's time to ensure your masterpiece stands the test of time. Here's your guide to sealing and preserving your creations for lasting vibrancy!

1. Drying and Curing Times.
Let your Surfpaints masterpiece dry for 24 hours. For the best results, give it 72 hours to fully cure. Remember, patience is key for the perfect outcome.
2. Sealing Porous Surfaces.
While optional, sealing porous surfaces like fabric, canvas, or wood is a smart move for extra durability. Choose a clear acrylic sealant for porous materials. Apply an even coat and let it dry for another 24 hours before displaying or using your creation.
3. Sealing Non-Porous Surfaces.
Surfpaints are waterproof and UV fade resistant, but it's highly recommended to seal non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, or metal. Opt for a clear acrylic sealer spray. Apply a gentle, even coat from about 6-8 inches away. Allow it to dry for 24 hours. This step ensures your artwork stays vibrant, even with daily use.

Pro Tips
Porous surfaces need one coat of clear acrylic sealant, while non-porous surfaces benefit from up to 3 thin layers. Let each layer dry for 2-4 hours. Avoid handling your art too much during drying and sealing. Store sealed pieces in a cool, dry place to prevent wear. Work in a well-ventilated area when applying sealant.

Seal your creations with Surfpaints using these expert techniques for enduring vibrancy. Protect your artistic legacy with Surfpaints' premium acrylic paint pens, designed in Japan. Their rich, smooth ink flow, quick drying, waterproof, UV fade-resistant, and permanent features ensure captivating creations.

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