Wood, with its warm and natural allure, serves as a versatile canvas for your artistic expression. SurfPaints acrylic markers harmonize beautifully with wood, whether it's raw or polished, indoors or outdoors.

For treated or varnished wood, gently roughen the surface using sandpaper before using SurfPaints.
With reclaimed or recycled wood, clean it using water and a soft sponge. Let it dry before starting.
Consider applying a primer to avoid paint from bleeding.

Let your creativity flow onto wood.
SurfPaints acrylic markers adapt seamlessly to wood, whether it's a rustic surface or a polished finish.
Keep in mind that wood is porous and might require multiple coats for your desired effect.

Preserving Your Artwork
Once your masterpiece is dry, apply two coats of water-based spray varnish for added protection.
Hold the spray can about 30 cm away from the wood and spray gently in circular motions.
Choose between matte or gloss varnish based on the finish you're aiming for.

Wood and SurfPaints come together to form your creative sanctuary. Transform surfaces into art pieces that resonate indoors and outdoors. Dive into the realm of woodcraft and watch your creations flourish!