Turn your surfboard into a canvas of creativity using SurfPaints acrylic markers. Discover the simple steps to make your board a work of art.


Set the foundation for your masterpiece.
Start by removing the wax from your surfboard's surface. This ensures a clean slate for your art.
Give your surfboard a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt or residue. A clean surface is key for great results.
Gently sand the surfboard's area you want to paint. This creates better adhesion for your artwork.


Let your creativity ride the artistic wave.
With SurfPaints acrylic markers, bring your vision to life on your surfboard. Bold designs or intricate details and primary to pastel colours or metallic to fluro colours – it's your call.

Preserving Your Artwork

Once your artwork dries, apply a clear, water-based sealant. This extra layer of protection keeps your creation looking its best.
Hold the spray can about 30 cm away from the board and spray gently in circular motions.
Choose between matte or gloss sealant based on your desired finish.

SurfPaints work beyond surfboards; they're great for various surfaces including metal. Let your creativity flow beyond the beach!

From waves to art, SurfPaints acrylic markers turn your surfboard into a unique masterpiece. Catch the artistic wave and let your surfboard express your style both in and out of the water.

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