Mineral materials, whether untouched or shaped by humans, surround us everywhere. From natural stones to concrete surfaces and various pebbles, they offer an inspiring canvas for your artistic imagination with SurfPaints acrylic markers.

Before you start your creative journey, prepare your mineral canvas.
Wipe the surface with a cloth to remove any dirt. Ensure it's dry before you begin.

Natural stones, concrete walls, rocks, and pebbles are your playground for creativity. SurfPaints markers work beautifully on these surfaces.
Mineral materials absorb paint to varying degrees due to their natural porosity. You might need several coats based on your desired effect.

Preserving Your Artwork
Ensure your masterpiece stands the test of time.
After your creation dries, consider applying two coats of water-based spray varnish. This preserves your artwork.
Hold the spray can around 30 cm from the surface and move it in gentle, circular motions.
The varnish comes in matte or gloss options. Choose the one that matches your artistic vision.

SurfPaints acrylic markers aren't just for minerals; they're also suitable for metal and more. Let your imagination roam freely.

Let your creativity flow on mineral materials. With SurfPaints, you can turn rocks and stones into your canvas. Express yourself responsibly, respecting the environment and public spaces, and watch your permanent creations come to life!