Plastics, versatile and ever-present, invite your personal touch. With SurfPaints acrylic markers, you can add your unique style to plastics effortlessly.


No special prep needed. Just make sure to clean off any dust or grease from the plastic surface.

Let your imagination flow onto plastics.
SurfPaints acrylic markers adhere seamlessly to plastic, allowing you to create without limitations.
The smoother the plastic surface, the longer it takes to dry. Be patient before handling your creation.

Preserving Your Artwork
Ensure your creation stands the test of time.

Once your creation is dry, apply two coats of water-based spray varnish.
Hold the spray can about 30 cm away from the surface and spray gently using circular motions.
Choose matte or gloss varnish based on your desired finish.

With SurfPaints acrylic markers, plastics become your canvas. Express yourself on everyday items, transforming them into uniquely personalized pieces. Dive into creativity and see your plastic items come to life!