Paper, stemming from the ancient word "papyrus," is a natural canvas for expressing your ideas. Crafted from plant fibers, it's a cornerstone for writing, drawing, and painting. SurfPaints acrylic markers perfectly complement paper's versatility, adhering seamlessly and permanently to various types.

Getting started is simple:

SurfPaints acrylic markers work well on paper without any special prep. For cardboard, just ensure you remove any surface dust.

Note: If using photographic paper, expect slightly longer drying times.

Express yourself on basic paper, card, Bristol board, crêpe paper, and even papier mâché. SurfPaints make it easy to craft on these surfaces.

All painting techniques shine on paper and cardboard. For a watercolor effect, use thicker paper, as thinner materials are more delicate. Be mindful of water usage, and allow ample drying time to protect your creation.

Preserving Your Artwork
Ensure your art stands the test of time.

While optional, consider using a water-based spray varnish to prolong your creation's life.

Hold the spray can about 30 cm away from the surface and apply in gentle, circular motions. The varnish comes in matte or gloss finishes. Choose based on your desired aesthetic.

SurfPaints work on paper and go beyond; they're suitable for various surfaces, including metal and more. Think beyond boundaries and let your imagination run free.

SurfPaints acrylic markers turn paper into your canvas for self-expression. Dive into the world of color and creativity, and watch your art come to life with every stroke!