Metal, with its glossy or matte finishes, has been an artistic medium for centuries. It's used for jewelry, tools, instruments, and now, as a canvas for decoration and personalization. SurfPaints acrylic markers are a perfect match for metal, offering strong adhesion to iron or aluminum. The color will remain permanent on rough or porous metals and can be erased on perfectly smooth surfaces.

Before you dive into your creation, prepare your metal surface:
Wipe the surface with a cloth to remove any dirt, ensuring it's clean and free from dampness or grease.

Let your creativity shine as you work on metal surfaces. Use SurfPaints acrylic markers to customize and decorate metal objects according to your vision.
SurfPaints allow you to experiment with mixing and layering colors, giving you a range of effects to explore.
If the metal is varnished, keep in mind that the drying time might be a bit longer.

Preserving Your Artwork
After creating your masterpiece, ensure its longevity.
Once your creation is dry, it's recommended to apply two or three coats of water-based spray finishing varnish, especially for outdoor use.
Hold the spray can around 30 cm away from the surface and spray in slow, circular motions.
The choice between matte or gloss varnish depends on the aesthetic you're aiming for. Experiment to find your desired look.

With SurfPaints, metal becomes a canvas for your imagination. Transform everyday items into unique pieces of art while keeping your creations vibrant and lasting.