Ceramics, including pottery and stoneware, offer a versatile canvas for artistic expression. Often formed from fired clay, ceramics hold immense potential for creativity. SurfPaints acrylic markers are your ideal companions for crafting art on ceramics.

Before you start, ensure your ceramic surface is ready for your artwork.
Wipe the ceramic surface with a cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Ensure it's thoroughly dry before proceeding.


  1. Use SurfPaints acrylic markers to give life to your artistic ideas on ceramics. SurfPaints acrylic markers allow you to achieve captivating effects, such as blending and layering colors.
  2. If your ceramic is treated, like glazed porcelain, remember that SurfPaints might take longer to dry. Designs based on lines work well for such surfaces. When applying color, use multiple coats, letting each coat dry before adding the next.
  3. For rough ceramics with porous surfaces, apply several coats to ensure even coverage, as porous materials absorb more paint.
  4. Once dry, these markers become waterproof and permanent on porous surfaces. However, for safety, focus your creativity on the exterior of the ceramics.

Preserving Your Artwork
After crafting your masterpiece, it's essential to preserve it:

  • Fixation for Treated Ceramics:
Ceramics with treatments like glazing can be fixed using a water-based spray varnish. Maintain a distance of around 30 cm and spray in small, circular motions.
This fixation method is suitable for non-food use. For porcelain, use a similar method but at 160°C for no more than 45 minutes.
  • Fixation for Rough Ceramics:
For rough ceramics, the paint can be set by firing your creation in the oven.
Gradually heat the ceramic to 220°C, turn off the oven, and allow it to cool entirely before removing.
  • Sealing:

To extend your creation's lifespan (for non-food use), consider applying a water-based or adhesive varnish after fixation.

Bonus Tips

  • For washing, use only cold water to preserve the appearance.
  • To make your artwork dishwasher safe, apply a dishwasher-safe sealant, such as Mod Podge Dishwasher Safe, following the product instructions.
  • For safety reasons, it's recommended to paint the exterior part of your ceramics. If you wish to decorate surfaces that come into contact with food, apply a food-safe sealant over the painted area.

With SurfPaints acrylic markers, ceramics can transform into enduring works of art. Balance your creativity with preservation considerations to create pieces that last.