Painting things around the house on various surfaces 🖊️

Painting things around the house on various surfaces 🖊️

SurfPaints Interview Series

We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.

Hi Helen, Welcome to the SurfPaints Interview Series!

1. Can you provide us with a brief background on your journey as an artist and tell us what you're currently working on in the world of art?
I have always loved painting, I use many things, canvas, wood, cement, plaster, clay. I was even ask to put my work in Ringwood Vic art gallery, but at that stage I was with an abusive husband and it never went any further. Art was my way of escaping, when I had time from raising 7 children and all that entails, I drew a lot. I am now using paints as a tool for where I am, whether painting figurines or on canvas or shoes and leather book case.

2. We'd love to know how you came across SurfPaints. What aspects of SurfPaints do you find most appealing or inspiring for your art?
I wanted to paint my white shoes and didn't want the paint to wear off easily. I saw an ad on Facebook and thought I would give it a try. The fact that it was for surfboards and designed to withstand saltwater made me think it wouldn't wear off easily and would be better waterproofed. I bought the whole startup kit just in case. Later, I discovered the metallic ones and other bright and appealing colors, and I couldn't resist getting more.

3. Your recent project of figurines is truly unique and has captured our attention. Could you share with us the story behind it and how you came up with the idea?
Once I had painted my shoes and discovered how easy the paints were to use, I thought about my garden gnomes and figurines. It went from there; the paints were so easy to use, and for small areas, I used a fine brush on the tips of the SurfPaints pens. It worked great.

4. Every artist faces unique challenges in their projects. Could you share specific challenges you've encountered in your art projects and how SurfPaints have been a helpful resource in overcoming these challenges.
I had trouble with paints not being bright enough or having to apply many layers and wait for them to dry, only for it all to fade or peel off later. I couldn’t achieve what I wanted with most other paints. With SurfPaints, I can mix and match, and usually, one coat does the job. I know it will stick and stay there due to the way it adheres to the surfaces I want to paint.

5. As an experienced artist, do you have any valuable tips or techniques that you could share with others interested in creating figurine painting projects with SurfPaints?
Seriously, you need to try these paints. If it's a project concerning weather, fading, color brightness, and variety, I personally would recommend SurfPaints. There are so many things you can do. Some I haven’t tried yet, but it's coming. Enjoy what you do because it is yours. 😊

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