Sharks in the line up! 🦈

Sharks in the line up! 🦈

Surfpaints Interview Series

We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.

Hi Katie, Welcome to the SurfPaints Interview Series!

1. Can you introduce yourself? Age, location, occupation, surfing experience?
Hey there! My name is Katie I am 21 years old and from ocean grove Victoria. I started surfing when I was ten years old, influenced by my uncle and dad

2. What made you want to paint your surfboard?
I wanted to paint my surfboard because it was a great opportunity to express both of my passions of art and surfing. It also adds a very unique touch to my board. No one else will have one like it!

3. What Surfboard did you paint, and why that one?
I painted an old surfboard that my dad used to surf on, I chose this one because you can see all of the little bumps and little imprints on it, which tell a story of history from the board. This makes it really special for me!

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from the ocean and its beautiful creatures/marine life. The ocean has always played a huge part in my life ever since I remember.

5. How do you rate your artistic skills?
I rate my artistic skills as pretty good always willing to learn

6. Roughly how long did it take to complete?
It took me about 2.5 hours all together

7. Any tips for preparing the surfboard before painting it?
Before painting, it’s best to remove all wax first ( I carefully use my heat gun and a rag to wipe off). Then followed along with a light sand and then a coat of white primer!

8. What was one tool that helped you achieve this amazing design?
Definitely my SurfPaints. They helped me to achieve all of the small and intricate details as well as all of the larger ones! Mess-free and there’s always a colour to use for everything!

9. What is your favourite thing about using Surfpaints?
My favourite thing about using SurfPaints is the fact they come in so many colours! It makes it so much easier. As an artist, I use so much colour so to have all of that variety to choose from makes it so much more fun for me and my creative process. Colours have the ability to make me so happy.

10. One piece of advice you would like to give others about painting a surfboard for their first time?
Don’t get so hung up on making you’re surfboard artwork look “perfect”, let your creativity run free, you are in charge of you’re own creative abilities. they can be whatever you like and can even imagine. In you’re mind you can make anything look wonderful! It will always be a reflection of you and your creative and imaginative mind.


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