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SurfPaints Starter Case - Includes Paint Accessories

SurfPaints Starter Case - Includes Paint Accessories

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Organize Your SurfPaints and Tools with Ease!

Introducing our durable, well-organized storage case designed to keep everything in one convenient place. Crafted from high-quality PU material, this case offers the perfect solution for your SurfPaints and tools.

Key Features:
✔ High-quality, durable zippers for secure storage.
✔ Convenient carry handle for easy transport.
✔ Zipper pocket for small accessories.
✔ Middle separator to keep items neatly organized.
✔ Spacious interior for all your essentials.
✔ Waterproof design ensures your items stay protected.

Included Items:
✔ Durable Waterproof Carry Case: Our kit comes in a durable, waterproof
carry case with a convenient handle, making it easy to take your
creativity anywhere in the world.
✔ Sandpaper Block: Prepare your canvas with the included sandpaper block for optimal adhesion and a smooth finish.
✔ Foam Brush: Use the foam brush to evenly spread paint or add unique effects to your designs.
✔ Pencil and Eraser: Plan your masterpiece with the included pencil and
eraser, allowing you to sketch and make adjustments effortlessly.
✔ Paint Scraper: Easily remove wax from a surfboard or clean any dirty surface before painting.
✔ Bundle of Steel Wool: Ideal for surface cleaning and ensuring a pristine canvas for your artwork.
✔ Scourer Pad: A gentle cleaning tool perfect for delicate surfaces, ensuring a clean slate for your creativity.
✔ Masking Tape: Create intricate designs or section off areas with the versatile masking tape included in the kit.
✔ 28 Design Idea Booklet: Find inspiration in our curated collection of design ideas, kickstarting your creative journey.
✔ Vinyl Sticker: Personalize your board, fridge, car, or any desired surface with our exclusive vinyl sticker.
Please Note: Acrylic paint pens are not included; only the items listed above are included in this package.

Total Value: $115

Yours for Only $69.99

Keep your creative juices flowing with our versatile SurfPaints storage case!"
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