Transform your skateboard into a personalized masterpiece with SurfPaints acrylic markers. Adding a pop of color and creativity is easy. Here's how:

Wipe away any dirt or debris. A clean surface sets the stage for your artwork.
Apply a primer to your skateboard deck. This readies the surface, ensuring the paint adheres well for lasting results.

Get ready to unleash your creativity.
SurfPaints acrylic markers glide smoothly on your skateboard, allowing you to create intricate designs or bold statements.

Preserving Your Artwork
Once your artwork is dry, consider using a clear, water-based sealant for extra protection.
Hold the spray can about 30 cm away from the deck and spray gently in circular motions.
Choose between matte or gloss sealant based on your desired finish.

Roll with your individual style and let your board reflect your personality!