The biggest eyes in the ocean!

The biggest eyes in the ocean!

SurfPaints Interview Series

We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.
Hi Lurien, Welcome to the SurfPaints Interview Series!
1. Can you introduce yourself? Age, location, occupation, surfing experience?
Hi, my name is Lurien. I’m 61 and live on the Surf Coast in Fairhaven, Victoria, Non-Surfer.

2. What made you want to paint your surfboard?
I’ve been an artist all my life and have always lived near the ocean. It’s my inspiration and what made me decide to paint a surfboard. My kids learned to surf, but I never did. Then 12 years ago, I married a Waterman, Mark, who was never happier than when he was immersed in the ocean.

3. What Surfboard did you paint, and why that one?
He had a 12’1 longboard handmade by the shaper ‘Pieter’, and Mark asked me to stamp it.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?
This was a whole new experience for me. I had used Posca pens before and was happy to add the SurfPaints to my tools. It began while we were camping at Cape Paterson. Mark wanted something with eyes, and I knew the giant squid has the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom. The squid's tentacles continue to the ‘front’ of the board, where they encircle my version of The Wave.

5. How do you rate your artistic skills?
I like to add a few things for people to search for in my work, so a closer inspection might reveal something.

6. Roughly how long did it take to complete?
The process of drawing took about four months.

7. Any tips for preparing the surfboard before painting it?
It was essential to be patient and allow each section I was working on to dry~otherwise it would be smudged

8. What was one tool or technique that helped you achieve this amazing design?
I love using SurfPaints because drawing is my forte, and the pens give me the opportunity to create striking colour combinations on different surfaces..

9. What is your favourite thing about using Surfpaints?
Being able to seal the surface and have the board used as intended in the ocean is really special

10. One piece of advice you would like to give others about painting a surfboard for their first time?
If anyone is thinking of using SurfPaint for the first time, I’d say find a simple design that really inspires you, set up a space where you can work comfortably at your convenience and enjoy the process!
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