School Kids Showcasing Their Skills for Sustainability

School Kids Showcasing Their Skills for Sustainability

Another Inspiring Story from a Recent SurfPaints Workshop!

SurfPaint's most recent workshop was at the O&E Junior Regional titles at Box Beach in Newcastle. The "Paint a Landfill Surfboard Activation" was a tremendous success, keeping the young Groms busy with their creative talents.

While we were fully engrossed in working with the young surfers and the landfill surfboards, we didn't have much opportunity to witness the impressive surfing skills displayed by the up-and-coming Juniors. However, one thing was evident—the swell must have been pumping! Several people approached our tent with snapped boards, offering them to us as additional surfboard canvases for the day. Luckily, we were prepared with scrapers, sandpaper, and steel wool to prep them to be painted right then and there.

The surfers' engagement with sustainability made this activation even more remarkable. Through informative conversations, we highlighted the significance of recycling and upcycling. It was incredibly gratifying to see the young surfers embrace this message and share their newfound knowledge, spreading environmental awareness among their peers.

In light of the overwhelming success of our "Paint a Recycled Surfboard" activation, SurfPaints is more determined than ever to support similar initiatives in the future. Nurturing the creativity of young surfers while instilling environmental values will have a lasting impact on their lives and contribute to preserving our natural resources.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events. We look forward to sharing more inspiring stories and collaborating with individuals and organisations who share our passion for creativity and sustainability.

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Our current goal is to transform 100 landfill boards into unique works of art, and after these recent events, we have reached a milestone of 21.

We would greatly appreciate your help in reaching our target. If you have any ideas, resources, or events in mind that you think we should be involved in, please contact us at We value your support and contribution towards our mission.

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