Outstanding Grom with Standout Designs

Outstanding Grom with Standout Designs

Surfpaints Interview Series

We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.

Hi Jack, Welcome to the Surfpaints Interview Series!

Hi Jack, Welcome to the Surfpaints Interview Series!


1. Can you introduce yourself? Age, location, occupation, surfing experience?

My name is Jack Rowe. I'm 15 and live in Coolangatta, and I love surfing and skating. Most days, you will see me at Dbah snapper down to Kirra unless there’s a good bank down the beach. I’m a part of the Kirra surf riders club and will forever be a member.


2. What made you want to paint your surfboard?

I have always loved drawing and painting it’s been a hobby/passion, I guess. I never really liked just getting plain whiteboards, so I thought I might as well get pens and do it myself.


3. What Surfboard did you paint, and why that one? 

I’ve drawn Sassy and Donny the Sasquatch’s from the Big Lez show, Mew the Pokemon and One of my first artworks was the Cookie Monster.


4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I love drawing cartoon characters, I can draw a lot of random crazy things but cartoon characters always look cool on a surfboard!


5. How do you rate your artistic skills?

Honestly out of 10 maybe 7/10, everyone else thinks it looks really good but I guess when I draw I have an expectation.


6. Roughly how long did it take to complete?

Roughly 30mins to an hour depending on how much detail and trying to perfect it.


7. Any tips for preparing the surfboard before painting it?

Be patient, it can be really annoying to de-wax a board but when you do it right, it will really pay off when you draw on it


8. What was one tool that helped you achieve this amazing design? 

My dad telling me to wait until I finished it. Sometimes I doubt whether or not it will look good. That reassurance to wait until the end product can be very helpful.


9. What is your favourite thing about using Surfpaints?

I love using SurfPaint because it dries really nice on the board and I found it did a better job then, over other companies like Posco


10. One piece of advice you would like to give others about painting a surfboard for their first time?

Be patient, don’t rush, or get me to do it for you! 

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