Need waterproof, permanent paints whose colours pop and work on various surfaces? Check these out! 👇

Need waterproof, permanent paints whose colours pop and work on various surfaces? Check these out! 👇

SurfPaints Interview Series
We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.
Hi Bolinda, Welcome to the Surfpaints Interview Series!
1. Can you provide us with a brief background on your journey as an artist and tell us what you're currently working on in the world of art?
I have been on a creative journey since the age of 10. I majored in painting and photography at university, and art is my life. As an older adult, I see more than I ever have before – the vibrant colours in nature and the beauty it holds.

2. We'd love to know how you came across SurfPaints. What aspects of Surfpaints do you find most appealing or inspiring for your art?
I discovered Surfpaints on Facebook and decided to give them a try! They are by far the best paint pens I've used – easy to use, vibrant in their colours, and consistent! They are user-friendly and create a great finish.

3. Every artist faces unique challenges in their projects. Could you share specific challenges you've encountered in your art projects and how SurfPaints have been a helpful resource in overcoming these challenges?
The challenge in doing fine work with paint lies in controlling the brush to achieve fluent lines and designs. Surfpaints pens are awesome for this; drawing with paint becomes much easier to control. I undertake numerous projects that involve multimedia or require fine design, and when it comes to achieving precision, I can't go past Surfpaints pens.

Bonus Question:
As an artist, what message or piece of advice would you like to impart to other artists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals, who are passionate about expressing themselves through this medium?
To creatives, experimentation is everything. Mistakes are what we learn and discover from. I keep a folio of the works I don't sell as it serves as an archive of techniques and experiences.
Art is like wine. It's an individual perception of what people personally love, just like a bottle of wine – it's all about the taste buds!

-Bolinda Dalziel

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