Grandma gifted a skateboard kit to this twelve-year-old kid!

Grandma gifted a skateboard kit to this twelve-year-old kid!

SurfPaints Interview Series

We hand-select individuals from our community to hear the stories behind their designs.

Hi Beau, Welcome to the Surfpaints Interview Series!

1. Can you provide us with a brief background on your journey as an artist and tell us what you're currently working on in the world of art?
Hello, my name is Beau, and I am twelve years old. Before discovering Surfpaints, I used to create art using charcoal, watercolour, and various art utensils. My usual subjects are coastal scenes and sea creatures, such as whales, fish, and my favourite animal- octopus.

2. We'd love to know how you came across SurfPaints. What aspects of Surfpaints do you find most appealing or inspiring for your art?
I discovered Surfpaints when my grandma gave me a skateboard deck kit. I was immediately interested and watched the Surfpaints YouTube channel for inspiration, combining their ideas with my own to create a unique design.

3. Every artist faces unique challenges in their projects. Could you share specific challenges you've encountered in your art projects and how SurfPaints have been a helpful resource in overcoming these challenges?
I encountered challenges during the design and finishing stages. One obstacle arose when spreading the light blue ink—I hadn't sanded some areas enough, causing the paint to be rejected. To overcome this issue, I increased the sanding to ensure complete coverage across the entire board.

4. Do you have any valuable tips or techniques that you could share with others interested in creating painting projects with SurfPaints?
Some tips I would give to other artists or those new to Surfpaints are to sand down the board completely on the side you're painting before starting. This helps prevent the board from rejecting the paint during the process. It's particularly useful for beginners—I, too, needed to watch tutorials when I first painted with Surfpaints.
Another helpful tip is that when you purchase the full skateboard deck kit, it comes with a foam spreader. This is beneficial because, instead of using just a marker to paint the entire board, you can paint specific areas and use the foam spreader to distribute the paint. This conserves the ink and makes your Surfpaints last longer.
If I were to win the Surfpaints gift card, I would probably use it to buy more Surfpaints colours! 😁

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