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Whale Stencil

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Mother & Baby Whale Stencil 

XXLarge - 195x400mm Design Cutout (Sheet Size 300x420mm)

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SurfPaints are waterproof once dried. However, because GLASS & PLASTIC surfboards have a "non porous" surface, the paint is unable to penetrate into pores and become permanent. Therefore there is the risk that it can be scratched/rubbed off the top surface with wear & tear involved in surfing.

In order to prevent your artwork scratching off, we highly recommend a fast drying acrylic varnish over the top. A varnish will create a barrier on top and seal it onto the board, making it permanent. 

At the moment SurfPaints are unable to sell spray can varnishes in Australia, as they are considered a "Dangerous Good" which makes it very difficult to store in surf shops and ship to online customers. 

We are working on something and should have it out later in 2022. However, for now there are some great varnishes out there you can use from hardware, art & auto stores. 

When choosing a varnish spray just look for the key words ACRYLIC & FAST DRYING. Do not buy enamel varnishes as they can become yellow in the UV over time and are at risk of cracking the paint.

Check out the video below for applying a varnish to your surfboard with 2-3 coats.

Watch here

SurfPaints are water-based so if you make a mistake on a non porous surfaces (glass, plastic metals etc) they can be easily removed.

If the paint is still wet simply rub it off with a rag or paper towel. If the paint has dried for over 24hrs then use a rougher surface such as a scoured pad or possibly the use of an acetone product.

SurfPaints becomes permanent once a varnish is applied over the top on non porous surfaces.

However, porous surfaces (untreated wood, fabric, paper etc) are permanent almost immediately once applied. The best practice is to use a pencil or have a plan before applying to porous surfaces to avoid mistakes

Yes! Surfpaints works on a variety of surfaces including wood, fabric, glass, ceramic, paper/cardboard, plastic, metals, minerals, canvas and more…. Because of the acrylic water based nature of the pen, SurfPaints works on just about anything!

SurfPaints warehouse is located in Sydney, NSW. We ship with Australia Post.

Delivery Times

NSW - Express 2 days. Economy 3-5 days

VIC - Express 3-4 days. Economy 4-7 days.

QLD - Express 2-4 days. Economy 3-6 days

SA - Express 2-4 days. Economy 5-7 days

NT - Express 4-7 days. Economy 7-11 days

ACT - Express 2-3 days. Economy 3-5 days

TAS - Express 2-4 days. Economy 5-8 days

WA - Express 4-6 days. Economy 7-11 days

Orders are sent out daily at 2pm and a tracking number will be sent immediately once fulfilled.

Yes we do. We get several orders p/week Internationally. Expect 6-27 business days with Australia Post. However, with Covid delays and zone restrictions, please check your local country delivery times here 

If you require larger volumes for distribution or events please contact us at