Do you need to apply a varnish/clear spray over the top of surfpaints?

Paint pens are waterproof but not scratch proof. We recommend an acrylic varnish over the top to prevent it scratching off with the usual wear and tear associated with surfing. Check this link for applying a varnish https://surfpaints.com/how-to

Does Surfpaints work on surfaces other than surfboards?

Yes! Surfpaints works on a range of surfaces including wood, fabric, glass, ceramic, paper/cardboard, plastic, metals, minerals, canvas and more…. Because of the acrylic water based nature of the pen, Surfpaints works on just about anything!

Do you wholesale for surf stores and other retail outlets?

Yes we do! Please contact us at info@surfpaints.com or Direct Message on Instagram @surfpaints to arrange wholesale pricing (this includes International stores)

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do. International shipping rates vary country to country and can be expensive. But we will always strive to charge you the cheapest rate possible as our priority is to get Surfpaints to you in the cheapest possible way.

How long does it take to deliver in Australia?

Most orders are carried out with Australia Post domestically. Surfpaints fulfilment is shipped from Perth, WA. Standard Shipping you can expect s 3-7 business days (less for WA orders). Express shipping you can expect 2-3 days (less for WA orders).


Will you be bringing out different sizes and colours?

Absolutely! Size 7mm chisel paint pens are on the next order in 2020. More colours to come also, stay tuned and feel free to DM us on instagram or email us any colours you would love to have. Please help us grow by supporting Surfpaints NOW and we can guarantee to provide you with quality, affordable paint pens for surfboards.