G’day fellow surfers,

I wanted to share my story with you and tell you how Surfpaints evolved.

It started out with being severely confused in Bunnings when no one could answer the question of “what paint works best on surfboards”? This confusion continued into surf shops, shaping bays and word of mouth. No one could give me a clear answer. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find the right products for painting a surfboard. This confused me even more, considering every surfer seemed to have art on their surfboards. When I looked at people’s boards in the surf carparks all I could see was painted surfboards. The surfboard art ranged from fire flares on the rails, scribbled language, skulls and dolphin silhouettes. I knew one thing was for certain, surfers loved to paint their boards!

I spent the next 3 years (alongside my high school teaching job) trying to find out what surfers used to paint their surfboards and what worked best. After finding out there was confusion in the industry about painting a board, I made it my mission to make things clearer with the goal in mind to create a product that is guaranteed to work on surfboards and a brand that provides you with the education and  everything you need to paint a surfboard. Surfpaints will be your one and only shop for painting a surfboard. Something I wish I had available when I found myself scratching my head in Bunnings.

Happy Painting,